326 Keto Options at Red Lobster Restaurants for a Low Carb Diet

Your Red Lobster Low-Carb Guide for the Keto Diet

Red Lobster is a popular casual choice for seafood dining on the keto diet. There aren’t many chain eateries where fish options such as haddock and cod are present on the menu. The restaurant’s menu contains many keto-friendly treats—including their popular Cheddar Bay Biscuits (the supreme restaurant biscuit in my opinion). Here’s all the meals and foods you can relish while maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle.

Bread n’ Biscuits

Keto-friendly bread treasures exist within Red Lobster’s menu! The Garlic Cheese Bread, with 13g net carbs, satisfies your bread craving while leaving enough flexibility to devour another carb-laden item. And although not technically a bread item, the Hand-Breaded Shrimp provides bread texture and scrumptious shrimp in a single bite. But beware: at 16g net carbs, this food item maximizes your entire daily net carb allowance. And don’t forget their Cheddar Bay Biscuits—enjoyable at their restaurants or cooking at home.


The single dessert item that’s keto-friendly is their Cheesecake. That’s astounding because it contains 9g net carbs, leaving you with the flexibility to partake in other foods with carbs (just be certain to stay under your daily net carb allowance).


Red Lobster has plenty of keto-friendly seafood options for your food plate. Displaying all the available keto-friendly seafood offerings would take too much space on this page. You can navigate the list below to narrow your options:


Unlike other fast food and casual restaurants, Red Lobster offers seafood salads on their menu alongside standard caesar and cobb salad offerings. Some of the net carbs are greater than 15g so pay close attention to the nutrition values. Here’s a list of seafood salads you should consider adding to your meal:


Looking for keto-friendly libations to drink with your meal? Don’t fret—Red Lobster carries some ketogenic alcohol that’s safe to sip while keeping your body in ketosis. Their Classic Margherita and Top-Shelf Margherita contain nearly 20g net carbs—consuming most of your daily net carbs allowance. In the middle is the Cosmopolitan (15g net carbs). Sparkling Wine and White/Red/Blush Wine both have 8g net carbs and leaves you with flexibility for more carbs. The Classic Martini (either with Gin or Vodka) contains 1g net carbs and represents the best choice if you desire the least amount of carbs during your libations moment.

There are more keto-friendly options available at Red Lobster. Use “Search Filters” to narrow your search results. Read the Getting Started guide to learn more.

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