Keto-Friendly Recipes

Find keto-friendly recipes and cooking tips

How to Use the Search Engine for Recipes

The keto food search engine can be used to find recipes. For most search terms, you will find a small number of recipe results and then you can click a button that will present additional recipe results. You can also add “recipe” (without quotations) to any search term and you’ll be presented with recipe results.

Recipe results have additional filters to narrow your results. Here’s a list of all the filters that are available:

  • Sort By: Sort results by a variety of factors.
  • Keyword: Narrow results by the presence of a keyword within the recipe’s name.
  • Macro is X% of calories: Limit recipe results by a macro that’s within a certain percentage of calories.
  • Macro is less than X grams: Limit recipe results by a macro that’s less than a particular amount.
  • Filter by ingredients: Narrow results by the presence of ingredient(s) used for a recipe (ingredients can be separated by commas).
  • The number of ingredients: Narrow recipe results by the number of ingredients used.
  • Cooking time: Limit recipe results by the cooking time.
  • Dietary restrictions: Narrow results by dietary restrictions. Multiple checkboxes can be selected.

Cooking on the Keto Diet

Cooking for the keto diet isn’t much different than normal ways of making food. The only exception will be the ingredients used, since the keto way of eating requires the absence of heavy carb ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, syrups, and others. Popular alternatives include sugar alcohols such as stevia, coconut and almond flours, vegetables such as cauliflower and butternut squash and zucchini, and shiitake mushrooms (a popular keto-friendly alternative for pasta).

Healthy Fats

The ketogenic diet replaces carbohydrate consumption with fat consumption. Fats aren’t the villains of healthy eating. For example, Omega-3 is a very healthy fat (abundant in fish dishes). However, not all fats are good for your diet. High amounts of saturated fats in your diet can be unhealthy. Although the keto diet encourages fat consumption, it’s important to remember that not all fats are equal. This is important to know especially if you’re using cooking oils.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil contains fat. But, not every cooking oil contains the same amount and types of fats. The healthiest cooking oils are extra refined olive oil, avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, and ghee. Butter is considered healthier than some cooking oils but it contains a high amount of calories and saturated fat—and should be used in moderation.

Another consideration for cooking oil is the smoking point. It’s the highest temperature that cooking oil is effective before it breaks down, turns into smoke and free radical particles. Healthy cooking oils have a low smoking point, whereas unhealthy cooking oils have a high smoking point. We have a table of smoking point temperatures that provides approximate values for each type of cooking oil.