231 Keto Options at California Pizza Kitchen for a Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb Diet Guide of Keto Foods You Can Order at CPK

Nothing screams California-style pizza greater than California Pizza Kitchen. CPK offers a variety of pizza flavors representing the wild imagination of the Golden State. A ketotitioner can find a variety of keto-friendly salads, seafood-infused meals, and a limited selection of pizza on their menu. Despite the abundance of sugary sodas, bread, and other heavy carbohydrate food items on CPK’s menu, it’s possible to crave a healthy eat from the restaurant chain and stay in ketosis.


If you’re willing to forego other carb-laden eats throughout the day, it’s possible to enjoy a keto-friendly pizza slice from California Pizza Kitchen. Some planning is required. For fresh pizza, consume a pie with a group. Otherwise, ration the remaining portions and consume over time. Even though the Four Cheese Pizza listing states that 1 pizza serving is keto-friendly, only 1/4 of the pizza would keep you in ketosis (~20g net carbs; approximately 3 ounces). The other keto-friendly food you can order is the Margherita Pizza—a single slice contains 9g net carbs.


The salads at CPK are just as wild as their pizza offerings. Here are some interesting, healthy salad options to consider:

The list above is only a small sample of available keto-friendly salad options at CPK. Discover more healthy salad choices on California Pizza Kitchen’s menu by clicking here.


Seafood on CPK’s menu? You better believe! Singapore Shrimp Rolls is a sample of the seafood-infused items you can order for a keto diet. Here are additional items featuring various seafood items:

There are more healthy, keto-friendly eats you can enjoy at CPK. Browse the list below to discover more tasty delights. Use “Search Filters” to narrow your search results.

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