267 Keto Options at Applebee's Grill & Bar for a Low Carb Diet

Your Low-Carb Guide for Ordering Keto at Applebee’s

The neighborhood grill & bar feels more neighborly now that you realize ketogenic foods exist on Applebee’s menu. You have a wide selection of low-carb eats to choose, ranging from standard-fare salads to tasty shrimp delights. If you want libations served with your meals, there are keto-friendly cocktail options you can drink. Browse the keto food list below and discover all the scrumptious items available to order from their menu.


Like with other casual eateries, salads represent safe ketogenic options. The Caesar Salad (7g net carbs) and Grilled Shrimp Skewer Salad (0g net carbs) contain the least amount of net carbohydrates. However, not all salads provide carb flexibility. Plenty of salads contain more than 20g net carbs, such as the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad, Thai Shrimp Salad, and half-portion of the Crispy Shrimp Salad.

The list of keto-friendly salads is too many to list. You can click here to browse the list in ascending order according to their net carbs nutritional values.


Turn your meal up with alcohol. There are a few cocktail choices at Applebee’s that won’t kick you out of ketosis (much):

However, alcohol and the keto diet aren’t best friends. Your liver metabolizes all the alcohol in your body before it switches to burning fat, slowing down the process of ketosis or ceasing it completely. This occurs regardless of how many net carbs linger in your drink. If you aren’t a frequent alcoholic consumer, this temporary hindrance isn’t a problem but regular drinkers beware. Plus you will feel the intoxication sooner than non-ketotitioners. Here are some suggestions for dealing with this ketogenic dilemma: avoid alcoholic beverages for a long time beforehand, select foods that are light in fat and net carbs, engage in fasting prior to consuming any cocktails [in the list above], or limit your beverage to the smallest serving possible. The goal is to burn existing fat prior to your drinking, or at least avoid adding it.


Mmmmm…..steak! If you love beef, it’ll be hard to resist any of their meaty options. As a fan of mushrooms, the Bourbon Street Steak with Mushrooms & Onions (0g net carbs) appears juicy and appetizing. If you spot a meal showcasing 6 Oz Sirloin, be sure to consider it—2g net carbs leave you very flexible. Finally, there’s a “cheat” item on the menu that keeps you in ketosis: Steak Quesadilla Towers (21g net carbs with 2 pieces).


There are two soups at Applebee’s that contain less than 10g net carbs: Onion Soup with Reduced Fat Cheese and Weight Watchers Onion Soup Au Gratin. Surprisingly, all the other soups on their menu contain between 15-25g net carbs. Yikes!


Wondering if keto-friendly seafood options exist on Applebee’s menu? Fear not, they do! Shrimp dominates the available keto foods carried by the restaurant chain, but other low-carb choices are possible:

There’s a surprising variety of shrimp options (especially ketogenic shrimp salads) available on their menu:

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