72 Keto Options at Panda Express for a Low Carb Diet

Keto Guide: Ordering Low-Carb from the Panda Express Menu

Panda Express represents the definition of fast, casual, and—according to some opinions—faux. Their menu contains a trove of low-carb treasures awaiting your discovery. If you adore the aroma of meats and vegetables mixed together, you will appreciate this guide helping you find the right item that fits your ketogenic diet.


Chicken—everyone’s favorite keto poultry item. Panda Express features diverse offerings showcasing the light meat. If you have a weakness for mushroom flavor, you will love the Mushroom Chicken—containing 10g of net carbs, respectively. For those wanting the inclusion of greens in their meals, you can have String Bean Chicken Breast or Garlic Lover’s Chicken Breast. Their menu also features strongly flavored, keto-friendly chicken meals such as Garlic Lover’s Chicken BreastFirecracker Chicken BreastThai Cashew Chicken, and Black Pepper Chicken.


Seafood keto options exist on the [unofficial] low-carb menu of Panda Express. Shrimp is the most available staple; the most ketogenic food items are listed below:

  • Tangy Shrimp (14g net carbs)
  • Kung Pao Shrimp (10g net carbs)
  • Crispy Shrimp (Entree) (25g net carbs)
  • Peppercorn Shrimp (17g net carbs)
  • Pacific Chili Shrimp (14g net carbs)
  • Five Flavor Shrimp (Small) (13g net carbs)
  • Wok-Seared Steak & Shrimp (20g net carbs)

A non-shrimp item that sounds delicious is the Steamed Ginger Fish. Those three words combined makes for a flavorful keto meal, doesn’t it?


Keto-friendly beef options are limited. It’s still possible to find ketogenic options on the Panda Express food menu. Here’s a list of all the items you can order that includes beef:

  • Mongolian Beef (13g net carbs)
  • Kobari Beef (18g net carbs)
  • Broccoli Beef (11g net carbs)
  • Shanghai Angus Steak (Asparagus) (15g net carbs)
  • Chinese Spare Ribs (6g net carbs per serving)

Browse the food list below to discover all the eats you can order at Panda Express that’s friendly to a keto diet. Use the “Search Filters” button to narrow your search results. Read the Getting Started guide to learn more.

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