315 Keto Options at Burger King for a Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb Menu Guide for Ordering Keto at Burger King

Keto at Burger King is not impossible. Despite the abundance of sugary drinks, high-carb items, and greasy fast food carried by the chain—keto-friendly eats exist on Burger King’s menu. Here’s your guide for discovering the perfect low-carb bite.


Very few burgers at the fast-food chain are keto-friendly with the bun included. The Double Hamburger and Burger Shots represent the most ketogenic items with buns (18-25g net carbs). All other options involve removing the bun in order to enjoy Burger King and stay in ketosis. Here are the bunless burgers you can consume:

Eating just the burger patties at Burger King also provides great value for your money. Most Burger King restaurants offer affordable prices for items on their menu. The fat content inside their burgers complements keto and won’t make you crave additional food later in the day.

Chicken Fries

Keto-friendly french fries don’t exist at Burger King. They once carried ketogenic sweet potato fries but now only a rare circle of restaurants carry the item. BK does have a set of fries that are considered ketogenic: Chicken Fries. These substitutes can be dipped in ketchup or other sauces for extra zesty flavoring. They’re made with white-meat chicken coated in light crispy breading; seasoned with savory spices and herbs. Similar to other fries, the restaurant most likely uses a combination of soybean, canola, or palm oil. At almost 20g net carbs, however, Burger King’s chicken fries will leave very little room for carb flexibility.


It’s not just chicken fries where the poultry item shines. Other keto-friendly chicken foods are available to order at Burger King.

Chicken Salads

Chicken salads are great options when you need to make your lettuce meal bulkier. The Chicken BLT Salad is the best option since it features a high amount of fat and low net carbs. If you desire croutons and ranch dressing, go for the Grilled Chicken Salad (croutons included) and request ranch dressing.

Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders represent excellent choices when you want a quick bite. Pay attention to the number of pieces—not every quantity is keto-friendly. The list below showcases nutritional values of different quantities of chicken tenders:

Chicken Wraps

All of Burger King’s chicken wraps approach the daily maximum net carb allowance (25g net carbs). Only the Ranch Grilled Chicken Wrap falls under 23g net carbs. But even 20g net carbs leave little room for carb flexibility. If you avoid consuming other carb-laden foods throughout the day, reward your taste buds with one of these wraps—without breaking your net carb allowance!

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are more convenient than chicken fries and chicken tenders if you want a quick bite option. Similar to fries, not every quantity is keto-friendly. Nuggets up to 10 pieces are keto-friendly; quantities over that amount risks breaking ketosis. The safest option is consuming up to 4 chicken nugget pieces—10g net carbs and 11g fat.


Tread carefully! At a whopping 8g net carbs, the Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce risks breaking ketosis if you don’t monitor net carb consumption throughout the day. The other sauce presenting the same danger is the French Fry Sauce (5g net carbs). Other than both sauces, the following items below (up to 2g net carbs) represent a very little risk of destroying the day’s ketogenic efforts:

There are more keto-friendly items at Burger King. Browse the list below to discover the perfect fast food for your keto diet. Use the “Search Filters” to narrow your search results.

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