128 Keto Options at Pizza Hut for a Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Ordering Guide for Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut? Ketogenic diet? If you’re not considering consumption of an entire pizza pie, yes it’s possible. The best keto-friendly alternatives on their menu are chicken wings. Let’s explore the available keto options!


Yes, there are keto-friendly pizza slices at Pizza Hut. But only a slice! A single slice of pizza will consume most, if not all, of your 50g daily net carb allowance. If you’re trying to stay under even that limit, a slice of pizza will hurt your progress (most pizza slices are more than 30g net carbs). 12″ medium pizza slices are the best options if you’re trying to eat below 25g of net carbs. Fewer vegetable and fruit toppings usually equate to lower carbohydrate counts. As of this writing, the lowest net carb pizza slice we could find is the 12″ Meat Lover’s Hand-Tossed Style Pizza (11g net carbs).

Chicken Wings

You can opt-out of pizza and instead chug Pizza Hut chicken wings that are keto-friendly. If you go for their traditional and baked chicken wings, expect to find few net carbs that can break ketosis. Most of the wings fall under 5g net carbs if that at all. You can even dip them in sauces (except Marinara Sauce, which is high in net carbs) to make the chicken wings more of a flavorful treat without the worry of kicking yourself out of ketosis. When it comes to Bone Out wings, however, the net carb count starts to get high. Between 10-26g of net carbs, which is high for meat on the keto diet. This is probably due to sweeteners and extra sauces being added. If that’s too many net carbs for your liking, stay away from their boneless chicken options.

Dessert Pizza

Dessert pizza sounds like a misnomer. Apparently, Pizza Hut has them and some of them technically fall under being keto-friendly. Technically, because most fall several counts below 50g of net carbs. They’re between 42-46g of net carbs so they’re not that keto-friendly. If you consume one, it might be the only carb you can have for the day.

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