195 Keto Options at P.F. Chang's for a Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb Guide for Ordering Keto at P.F. Chang’s

You can find over 100 keto-friendly options at P.F. Chang’s if you’re interested in tasting their offerings of Asian-inspired eats. Their menu contains delicious delights that can keep you in ketosis while dining out at their restaurant. Wontons, dumplings, seafood, vegetables, and other ketogenic items will keep you on the keto way of eating.


P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps are very keto-friendly. The heaviest wrap is their chicken lettuce wrap with 39g net carbs, followed by a gluten-free chicken wrap with 13g of net carbs. If you look at their appetizer menu, you’ll notice two other lettuce wraps—Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap and Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wrap (both 9g of net carbs).


Their keto seafood collection is impressive! The Oolong Marinated Sea Bass might immediately snap for your attention. Other ketogenic tasty eats include:

If you want keto-friendly seafood meals with carb-heavy items such as rice or noodles, you can find those as well such as Pan-Fried Shrimp Noodles (41g net carbs), Shrimp Fried Rice (41g net carbs), Shrimp Lo-Mein (47g net carbs), and more (search for P.F. Chang’s rice or P.F. Chang’s noodles).


Yup, you can order Asian-inspired tacos that are ketogenic at P.F. Chang’s. These have between 11g and 24g of net carbs—perfect for keeping you below the limit for ketosis.

Wontons and Dumplings

At P.F. Chang’s, you can find traditional dumplings and wonton dumplings that are keto-friendly. They’re small and usually have a lot of net carbs so you may want to plan your meals carefully. Wontons and dumplings can knock you out of ketosis if the meal already contains other carb-heavy foods.

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