212 Keto Options at Olive Garden for a Low Carb Diet

Healthy Low-Carb Guide for Ordering Keto at Olive Garden

For Italian casual dining, nothing beats the reach of Olive Garden. A restaurant can be found in most states. You might think a chain that focuses on Italian food might contain zero keto-friendly items on its menu, but that’s not the case. Healthy keto options are possible to order from Olive Garden’s menu. Here’s a list of all the ketogenic food items available to consume.

Italian Foods

You can find a variety of keto-friendly options featuring pasta, sausages, and other items associated with Italian food. One discovery is the Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken with 10g net carbs. If you don’t eat more than 5 blocks of their Lasagna Rollata al Forno, that would make an excellent ketogenic option. A single serving of their Pasta e Fagioli contains 13g net carbs—enough to keep you under their daily net carb allowance. Two of Olive Garden’s Pomodoro meals are keto-friendly: the Fresh Tomato Pomodoro (18g net carbs per serving) and the Sausage Pomodoro (8g net carbs). Another delicious find is their Linguine alla Marinara (24g net carbs).


Opt out of pasta and other carb-laden foods with their selection of simple, keto-friendly healthy salads. Don’t worry about high amounts of net carbs because the salad item with the most only contains 10g net carbs and that’s with dressing (Garden-fresh Salad with Dressing). At 2g net carbs, feel comfortable adding Italian Salad Dressing to make any collection of lettuce flavorful.


Enjoy some libations with your Olive Garden meal if you have flexibility for more net carbs. A glass of Red, White & Blush Wine contains 8g net carbs. Olive Garden carries a limited selection of beer and not all of them are keto-friendly. Look for any of the following brands and varieties:

Take heed when you consume alcohol. There are other health worries besides intoxication. The liver metabolizes all the alcohol in your body before it switches to burning fat, slowing down the process of ketosis or ceasing it completely. This occurs regardless of how many net carbs linger in your drink. If you aren’t a frequent alcoholic consumer, this temporary hindrance isn’t a problem but regular drinkers beware. Here are some suggestions for dealing with this ketogenic dilemma: avoid alcoholic beverages for a long time beforehand, select foods that are light in fat and net carbs, engage in fasting prior to consuming any alcohol [in the list above], or limit your beverage to the smallest serving possible. The goal is to burn existing fat prior to your drinking, or at least avoid adding it.

There are more keto-friendly food items at Olive Garden you can order from their menu. Browse the list below. Use the “Search Filters” to narrow your search results.

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