219 Keto Options at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for a Low Carb Diet

Your Low-Carb Guide for Ordering Keto at KFC

Stay in ketosis while treating yourself to the world-famous fried chicken of KFC. The Kentucky-based fast food restaurant chain can be found in most neighborhoods. Prices are reasonable and a decent deal always exists. Plus they’re usually quick to prepare your orders. The best aspect of ordering keto-friendly eats at KFC: not needing to sacrifice finger-lickin’ good quality with boring ketogenic options. Here’s your low-carb guide for eating keto from Kentucky Fried Chicken’s menu.

Chicken Wings

KFC’s chicken wings at the chains are delicious keto-friendly eats. If there are grilled options on the menu, and you don’t mind the taste, try their Grilled Chicken Whole Wing. There are 0g net carbs in the grilled version of their chicken wings. Unfortunately, there have been gripes that grilled chicken has been featured less on KFC’s menus. Otherwise, all their other wings options contain 4-5g net carbs per piece. If you want to explore other options besides only chicken wings, the Fried Chicken Breast & Wing is a safe, keto-friendly eat (17g net carbs).

Small Bites

KFC’s popcorn chicken and other small bites represent miniature keto-friendly alternatives to large meals. They’re quick to eat and packed with net carbs, sometimes up to the daily net carb allowance. The list below describes all the small bites fit for a keto diet:


Interested in non-chicken options? Check out the salads on KFC’s menu. Don’t expect exotic varieties on their menu. You’ll find Caesar and BLT salads, some mixed with chicken, that are keto-friendly. Keep them keto-friendly by foregoing dressing of any kind. You can select salad options with roasted, fried, or crispy chicken—they contain 4g net carbs, 9g net carbs, and 13g net carbs respectively.

There are more keto-friendly options available to order at KFC. Browse the list below. Use “Search Filters” to narrow your search results.

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