45 Keto Options at Five Guys for a Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb Guide: Ordering Keto at Five Guys

Five Guys – their motto is “burger and fries [and hot dogs] done right.” Although this motto doesn’t hold true for fries when it comes to keto, you can find low carb delights on their food menu. Here’s your guide for ordering the perfect food that’s fit for your ketogenic lifestyle.


If you want to eat ketogenic burger sandwiches at Five Guys, then remove the bun. Opt for a bunless small hamburger (220 calories, 17g fat, 0g net carb) if you’re looking to skip large amounts of calories and fat content. The one non-burger, a bunless option that’s keto-friendly, is the Bacon Cheese Dog with 39g fat and 435 calories. Other keto options in the list below contain at least ~300 calories, more than  20g of fat, packed with protein (equal/greater than 20g), and have no more than 1g net carb:

Browse the keto food list to discover other food items you can order at Five Guys. Use the “Search Filters” button to narrow your search results. Read the Getting Started guide to learn more.

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