416 Keto Options at Dunkin Donuts for a Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb Guide for Ordering Keto at Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is the eighth-largest fast food chain in the world! Despite being famous for donuts, there’s a low-carb side to this convenience corner restaurant. Here’s your low-carb guide for ordering keto food and drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts!


Let’s start with their coffee selection! You’ll be glad to know that Dunkin’s Small Iced Coffee with Creamer is keto-friendly. If coffee creamer isn’t a part of your morning ritual, replace it with milk instead. Here are some additional nutrition information for keto iced coffee according to different sizes:

Don’t worry about other coffee flavors, such as hazelnut and almonds, being keto-friendly—they are fit for a keto diet. When you don’t add regular sugar, milk, or creamer to your coffee, the net carbs stay at 1g. But what about other specialty coffee types? Yup, there are ketogenic varieties available:


If you’re rushing the morning along, wraps from Dunkin’ Donuts provide a ketogenic relief from hunger—whether for breakfast or dinner. Their salad wraps (Chicken and Tuna), though they sound like they have lesser net carbs, actually contain the most net carbs on the list. The best options, featuring the least amount of net carbs (around 15g net carbs) and specializing in breakfast, are their Wake-up Wraps. The varieties below are the most keto-friendly:

Cream Cheese

If you have room for additional net carbs, add some keto-friendly cream cheese to your Wake-up Wraps or other low-carb breakfast items. The cream cheeses with fruit have large amounts of net carbs relative to their sizes (15-17g net carbs). The Salmon Cream Cheese and Chive Cream Cheese both have 2g net carbs, plus they’re more flavorful than the plain cream cheese option with 4g net carbs. Again, consume cream cheese if you have the flexibility for additional net carbs in the day.

There are more keto-friendly items to discover at Dunkin’ Donuts. Browse the list below to find other food items fit for a keto diet. Use the “Search Filters” to narrow your search results.

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