181 Keto Options at Domino's Pizza for a Low Carb Diet

Your Low-Carb Domino’s Ordering Guide for Keto

Don’t limit your options to pizza. There are many ketogenic choices to order at Domino’s. Since retooling their menu a decade ago, the pizza chain has become a keto destination for a decent dinner or lunch outing (or late breakfast if pasta and chicken in the morning is your thing). Combining with their delivery services and online ordering, you have great reasons for considering Domino’s Pizza when hunger calls.


If bread whispers your name from a Domino’s restaurant, you won’t need to fear breaking ketosis. The keto-friendliest option available is their slice of Cheesy Bread (11g net carbs). And besides breadsticks, your other choice is the delicious-sounding Jalapeno Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Bread. Any other bread item on their menu will destroy your keto efforts.


Chicken is always a safe bet for keto. The average wing contains less than 5g net carbs, making these meaty delights perfect for staying in ketosis. However, pay attention to the total quantity per order—consuming more than your daily net carb allowance will deter your ketogenic goal for the day.


Your chicken needs a dipping sauce. Lucky for you, Domino’s has you covered. At up to 3g net carbs, if you’re meeting your ketogenic goals for the day then you won’t need to fear breaking ketosis when adding a little flavor to your wings.


Finally saving the best item for last—pizza! There are way too many options to suggest, but limit yourself to one slice (even for gluten-free pizzas) and know that you will lose flexibility for eating other foods that contain carbs. Of all the national pizza chains, Domino’s serves the best slice of pizza—even comparable to local pizzerias. You can exert the extreme option by going crustless—removing the crust from your pizza (or dumping the cheese and toppings; consuming those separately) but the cost for a whole pie isn’t worth the effort. Consider eating with a group of friends, allowing them to finish the entire pizza while you enjoy your single slice.

And there are many, many more pizza options for the keto diet. Browse the list below to discover other ketogenic delights awaiting your taste buds. Use “Search Filters” to narrow your results.

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