213 Keto Options at Denny's for a Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb Ordering Guide for Keto at Denny’s

Whether it’s late-night after the bars close, or early in the morning before beginning your job, ketogenic eats are available to order anytime at the infamous 24-hour diner. Denny’s indicates which items on their menu fit a low-calorie or low-fat food lifestyle. Unfortunately, not every option is keto-friendly. Fear not! Here’s your guide for ordering low-carb and keto at Denny’s.


Ketogenic breakfast items aren’t too difficult to find at Denny’s. The Build-Your-Own Grand Slam gives you the option to hand-select four individual food items. Click here if you want to know which BYO Grand Slam combos are the most ketogenic. These food items are the most keto-friendly:

The hash browns have the highest amount of net carbs in the list above. If you consume them, plan to avoid other carbs throughout the day. The benefit of including hash browns is that you will feel satisfied throughout the morning and sometimes the entire day.

Other notable suggestions for a keto-friendly breakfast include All American Slam Breakfast (without toast, English muffins, or pancakes), T-bone Steak & Eggs (without toast or English muffins), and omelets without the inclusion of toast and English muffins.


Denny’s features a great selection of scrumptious low-carb, ketogenic salads. They range from having very low amounts of net carbs, to meeting your daily net carb allowance in a single meal. Here’s a list of all the ones considered keto-friendly:

If you wish to complement your salad with a dressing, choose Blue CheeseCaesar, or Ranch. They have up to 1g net carbs while other dressings can contain up to 5g net carbs.


Except for Clam Chowder Soup and Grilled Tilapia, there’s not much diversity when it comes to keto-friendly seafood. That’s because shrimp is your sole option.


If you spot a Cosmic Cheeseburger, order it! At 25g net carbs, it’s keto-friendly and will most likely leave your stomach satisfied for a while. For every other burger on their menu, leave off the bun and consume everything packed on top of the patty. The most delicious low-carb burger on their menu is the Bacon Cheddar Burger Patty (0g net carbs, 26g fat).

There are more keto-friendly items available on Denny’s menu you can order. Browse the list to discover more. Use “Search Filters” to narrow your search results.

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